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Fascism Definition of Fascism by Merriam-Webster.
See the full definition for fascism in the English Language Learners Dictionary. noun, often capitalized. fascism fa-shi-zm Kids Definition of fascism.: a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.
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mathematics a definition of a function from which values of the function can be calculated in a finite number of steps. the act of giving a new definition. a definition that is stipulated by someone and that is not a standard usage.
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It is the very definition of a niche title. 2016 March 1, Stuart Heritage, Comedy Bang! Its silly, it spoofy its the very definition of a hidden gem, The Guardian: Comedy Bang! Its silly, it spoofy its the very definition of a hidden gem.
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Get a tan suit scandal mug for your cousin Beatrix. the definition for a definition is a definition. by Menyae Shoemaker March 30, 2009. Get the definition neck gaiter and mug. If I knew what this word meant, I would place the definition here.
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An intensional definition, also called a connotative definition, specifies the necessary and sufficient conditions for a thing to be a member of a specific set. 3 Any definition that attempts to set out the essence of something, such as that by genus and differentia, is an intensional definition.

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