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LOSS meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a situation in which you no longer have something or have less of something, or the process that causes this.: The loss of jobs in the convenience food industry seems inevitable. loss of earnings/income/pay She received compensation for loss of earnings through the illness.
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ANTONYMS FOR loss. SEE ANTONYMS FOR loss. OTHER WORDS FROM loss. WORDS THAT MAY BE CONFUSED WITH loss. loose, loosen, lose, loss. Words nearby loss. losingest, losing hazard, losings, loslyf, Los Mochis, loss, loss adjuster, loss function, loss leader, lossless, lossmaker.
Loss Definition of Loss by Merriam-Webster.
constructive total loss.: a loss in marine insurance in which the cost of repairing or recovering a ship or its cargo would be more than the ship or cargo is worth compare actual total loss in this entry. a loss arising directly from an act or event compare consequential loss in this entry.
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Seeing this sequence would usually cause the reply, Is" this Loss" 6 7. New York Magazine s Brian Feldman declared it as the" Internet's' Longest-Running Miscarriage Joke" 6 Aryehi Bhushan from student newspaper Varsity wrote about Loss" as a meme, praising its longevity compared to other memes that have short lifespans.
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18 KnowYourMeme Here's' to Loss, the Internet's' Greatest Meme. 19 Polygon CtrlAltDels Loss and Found comics prove artists still struggle with meme-ified work. 20 io9 One of the Net's' Longest-Running Webcomics Has Done Something Weird to Its Most Memed Strip Updated.

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